International services for business

Searching for new customers and maintaining business relationships with current customers.

Service of MWP TRADE we help with

we operate in international markets, and promote Polish products abroad

We promote „made in Poland” products by exhibitions and other means

Establishing and maintaining business relations

Importing goods from abroad, searching for new trade contacts in specific countries

Developing existing markets and winning new ones

Cooperation with customs officials – documents and payments

Preparing reports and analyses

Provision of documentation regarding import and export

Service of business partners in the field of business contacts

Preparation of transactions that conform to the the rules of the country involved

Professional preparation of advertising materials for a particular market

Business set up in chosen markets

Import / Export


The words “Made in Poland” will convey an image of quality and great service, so that Polish products will ultimately sell themselves.

Polish companies will support each other through consortiums and shared finance to promote the Polish brand as a whole, rather than only specific products.

Foreign companies will buy Polish products to sell under their own labels.


Support when companies meet difficulties on different fields:

I have great products but not the large resources required for sales and marketing. So I would like MWP TRADE to search the market and find me customers.

I want to promote and advertise my products at trade fairs, but don’t know the best way to go about this. Therefore I would like help from MWP TRADE.

I need to organise B2B meetings with potential customers but don’t have the knowledge or experience to do this. Therefore I would like help from MWP TRADE.



kompleksowe zarządzanie wprowadzeniem i sprzedażą polskich marek na eksport, analizy formalne, prawne, analizy konkurencji

LEXUS – biuro Rachunkowe

profesjonalna księgowość z ponad dwudziestoletnim doświadczeniem w outsourcingu usług księgowych oraz kadrowo-płacowych Marketing Agency

Marketing agency and graphic studio. He specializes in branding and persuasion marketing


Fundacja wspierająca osoby zagrożone wykluczeniem społecznym

MWP Trade


Mobile phone

+48 694 495 151


The administrator of personal data is MWP Trade Monika Węgrzyn, Wilczyński 7, 32-700 Bochnia.